5 Reasons Not to Miss the 2023 LightFair Conference

For 32+ years, the LightFair Conference has been setting the standard in Continuing Education for the lighting design and allied industries. This year, with 100+ sessions across 5 tracks, the conference continues to raise the bar for lighting professionals serious about investing in their own future and the future of lighting.


Choose from 165+ hours of accredited education including 13 AIA/IDCEC HSW CEUs all in one place over 5 days. You could earn up to 26 CEUs (or meet up to 70% of your LC requirements) at LightFair. Besides providing credits, the actionable training is designed to help you deliver better results and improve your firm’s bottom line.

LightFair Conference AIA HSWs

13 AIA / IDCEC HSW CEUs to Help You Meet Your CE Requirements

L23W11 | Dynamic Daylighting for Occupant’s Health and Well-being: Theory, Research, and Design Applications for Practitioners 
L23S05 | Applying Knowledge from the Lab to the Real World: From Basic Genetics to Healing Patients Using Light
L23S101 | Dermaphotology: the Color of Light
L23S20 | Exploring Lighting Design as a Wellness-Enhancing Proactive Salutogenic Approach Towards Optimal Health
L23S36 | Wellness Lighting and Energy Efficiency Converge
L23S64 | Lighting for Anxiety and Depression- A Designers Approach
L23S66 | The Balancing Act – A Case Study in Designing for Light and Health
L23S74 | Biologically Aware Circadian Lighting: Moving From Concept to Reality and Beyond
L23S75 | The Effectiveness of Integrating Germicidal UV with Architectural Lighting in Real Spaces
L23S87 | Flicker: What Does it LOOK like and HOW to Evaluate Products to Avoid It
L23S84 | Germicidal Ultraviolet Systems for Healthier and More Energy Efficient Buildings
L23S83 | New Retail lighting: Lighting Strategies and Their Impact on Health
L23S104 | Senior Living/Senior Care – Simple Ways to Use LIGHT and DARK for Health 


The LightFair Conference offers the most comprehensive Continuing Education in the lighting industry aligned with product discovery and networking opportunities. Our signature workshops on the two days preceding the trade show offer immersive training not available at most other events. This includes unique features such the in-person LC Study Group w Craig Bernecker.

LightFair Conference LC Study Group


LightFair’s educational programming is curated by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) in collaboration with the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD). This ensures that the topics and sessions offered are in sync with the lighting community’s current needs and fill the gaps in Continuing Education.

Brienne Musselman IES

“Overseeing the LightFair Conference offers IES an opportunity to represent the lighting community in new ways. With appreciation for LightFair’s diverse attendees, the IES will work with IALD to explore new education modalities and encourage bold memorable content.” – Brienne Musselman, LC, IES Director of Education & Standards

In addition to Conference Sessions, LightFair’s on-floor sessions featured in the IES LIVE area and the IALD Designery complement the educational programming with lively, engaging discussions, panels, color demonstrations and tours. These on-floor sessions serve as a bridge between the product discovery and the educational component, enhancing the attendee experience of ONE integrated show.


The conference is presented by nearly 200 speakers including 52 IES and 36 IALD members handpicked through a rigorously vetted speaker application process. The LightFair Conference is your chance to connect with some of the industry’s most brilliant minds, latest research and most innovative ideas. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your network, build connections and grow professionally. Most conference speakers started out as LightFair attendees at one time.

LightFair Conference Speaker

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The LightFair Conference celebrates the multidisciplinary interconnections within lighting and beyond. Whether it’s in the conference tracks we offer, the speakers we select or the topics and categories we cover, our goal is to be inclusive and to push boundaries. If you’re interested in lighting, YOU belong at LightFair.

The 2023 LightFair Conference will feature five tracks: Business, Science, Process, Art and Technology. 

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