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Add “LightFair Speaker” to Your Profile: Share Your Knowledge, Boost Your Brand Image, Grow Your Circle

Lead, Teach, Inspire as a LightFair Speaker

Few things are more fulfilling than the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge. The LightFair Conference is a prestigious platform to share your knowledge, help others grow and pay it forward within the lighting community and beyond, to other interconnected fields. From AI and business smarts to sustainability, inclusivity  and wellness…whatever your passion, speaking at LightFair is an opportunity to share it, spread it, elevate it to the next level. If you are new to the industry, or have just started exploring speaking opportunities, and are not sure if this is for you, read on. Learn more about the conference, its background, what you can expect, what will be expected of you and what the opportunity entails.

About the LightFair Conference

“Overseeing the LightFair Conference offers IES an opportunity to represent the lighting community in new ways. With appreciation for LightFair’s diverse attendees, the IES will work with IALD to explore new education modalities and encourage bold memorable content.”
Brienne Musselman, LC | IES Director of Education & Standards

The LightFair Conference, designed by an Illuminating Engineering Society and International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) panel, offers world-class Continuing Education featuring immersive workshops, lectures and seminars spanning a wide spectrum of topics. The conference and trade show catering to the architectural and commercial lighting industry are over 32 years old as of 2022, and are attended by thousands of industry professionals every year. The educational component of LightFair complements the product discovery and networking attendees find on the trade show floor from hundreds of exhibitors and dozens on on-floor events.

The signature 2-day Pre-Conference offers immersive training and hands-on workshops not available at most other industry events. Industry professionals attend the conference to update their knowledge and skills, earn CEU credits, network with peers and leaders, seek professional advancement opportunities and to stay current.

Connected by Light – Go Niche, Broad or Interdisciplinary

The LightFair Conference is one of the most inclusive in the lighting industry, and in the trade show space. The Conference celebrates the multi-disciplinary approach of the lighting industry, and in 2023, will feature five broad programming themes: Business, Science, Process, Art and Technology. Topics under each theme could include, but are not limited to:


  • Promoting Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
  • Understanding Legal: Liability, Contract Language
  • Professional Growth: Marketing, Award Submissions, Public Speaking
  • Communication: Writing, Narratives, Specifications, Video-Conference Best Practices, Delivering Memorable and Effective Presentations
  • Professional Certifications and Licensing
  • Management and Conflict Resolution
  • Economic Strategy: Billing, Recession-Proofing


  • Psychology and Human Experience
  • Color
  • Standards and Codes
  • Biology: Physiology, Circadian Entrainment, Flora & Fauna, Biophilic Design, Horticulture
  • Sustainability and Environmental Impact: Dark sky, Circular Economy
  • Skylight, Sunlight, Firelight, Moonlight


  • Project Case Studies
  • Product Design, 3D Printing, and Manufacturing Practices
  • Construction Administration
  • Design Tools: BIM, VR & AR, Visualization and Rendering
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Building Certifications and Goals (WELL, LEED, Net Zero, LBC)
  • Systems Integration (A/V, Energy Management)
  • Cultural Awareness


  • Light Art Experiences
  • Festivals and Civic Lighting Programs
  • Multi-Media Collaboration
  • Sources of Inspiration (Poetry, Music, Photography, Theater, Nature
  • Creative Application of Materials and Techniques
  • Using Lighting to Reinforce Brand Identity
  • Lighting History and Legacy of Practice
  • Biomimicry


  • Futurism
  • Components: Optics, Sources, Materials
  • Sustainability
  • Testing & Measurement
  • Product Design
  • Environmental Labelling (DECLARE, EU Dir. 852, 849
  • Decarbonization
  • Lighting Controls
  • BIG Data
  • Smart Cities

Past LightFair Conference speakers have included award-winning researchers, scientists, educators and experts from world-renowned educational and research institutions, lighting practitioners from lighting design, technology and engineering firms, sought-after specialists, multidisciplinary and global experts, among others.

Learn more about some of the bold and inspiring voices in our vibrant and diverse lighting community

Did you know…

Women Constituted 44% of LightFair 2022 Thought Leaders
Conference Speakers | Presenters | Tour Guides | Mentors

(Learn more)

Who Should Apply to Speak at the LightFair Conference

The annual Call for Speakers seeks engaged subject-matter experts, multidisciplinary professionals, designers, technology enthusiasts, architects, engineers, inventors, disruptors, scientists, researchers, urban planners, facility managers, community builders, among others.

In other words, if you

  • are interested in lighting design and/or technology,
  • and/or other peripheral and interconnected fields that impact or are impacted by lighting,
  • have experience, knowledge and expertise to share,
  • are passionate about your work,
  • would like to teach and advance the industry,
  • and expand opportunities for yourself and others in the process
    speaking at LightFair is an excellent avenue to explore.

If you are interested in lighting, YOU belong at LightFair.

How Are Speakers and Sessions Selected?

LightFair is co-owned by the Illuminating Engineering Society and the International Association of Lighting Designers, along with the International Market Centers as the producers. Being co-owned by two lighting industry associations presents unique advantages and sets LightFair apart as a show like no other. It allows us to draw from the experience and perspectives of association members and industry thought leaders. Ongoing collaboration with subject matter experts (SMEs) helps us deliver relevant and valuable educational programming that reflects the needs of the industry and helps shape its future.

The Application

  1. Determine the topic you want to present. Choose a topic from one the broad suggested themes, or think outside the box and pitch a topic you are passionate and knowledgeable about that would be helpful to the LightFair audience.
  2. Create an abstract.
  3. Describe your ideal audience.
  4. Share information about your level of expertise and that of your co-presenters, if you are presenting alongside others. What makes you a great LightFair speaker/panel of speakers?
  5. Share more about the content: the proposed title, a 100 word description, the format and duration you have in mind. Demonstrate why your session would be valuable for the LightFair audience.

Your application is then reviewed by the CAC.

Conference Advisory Committee 2023

The IES and IALD leadership teams and their valued members play a key role as LightFair’s management and advisory committee members providing expertise and insights for strategic planning, program design and decision making at every step.

(Left: Conference Advisory Committee 2023)

The Conference Advisory Committee, comprised of well-respected thought leaders from the IES and IALD, is instrumental to designing the conference program each year. They are responsible for selecting the most relevant topics and most qualified presenters for the LightFair Conference. Members of this committee volunteer their time to discuss and explore potential tracks and themes, review speaker applications, select sessions and organize topics.

With the IES and IALD as actively engaged co-owners, LightFair is uniquely positioned to serve the lighting industry. Together, we shape the future of lighting. 

The Benefits of Speaking at the LightFair Conference

#1 – Knowledge Sharing

Think about the time when you were new to the industry. Chances are you found mentors and teachers willing to invest in your growth by sharing their knowledge with you. Teaching a course is a way to give back and pay forward by helping mold the next generation and emerging professionals. Whatever your expertise, there are others out there who could benefit from it, and who will be at LightFair.

Anyone entering the lighting business should attend LightFair. I have attended three or four. The industry-specific networking and education magnitude, breadth, and depth cannot be beat. Preparing to present forces us to dig deeper in knowledge; and then, questions from attendees show us that more study is always needed!

Suzanne Lansford, PE | Owner / Principal Engineer, REDD Inc. DBA Town Lighting Engineers | Past LightFair Speaker

#2 – Brand Elevation and Exposure

As a speaker you will be surrounded by lighting industry peers, emerging professionals and other thought leaders. This is your chance to establish your credibility as an expert in your chosen topic, to elevate your professional profile. Adding “LightFair Speaker” to your resume and profile delivers a huge boost to your professional brand image, and could open up incredible career advancements and professional avenues for you.

#3 – Perks and Compensation

Presenting at LightFair is a prestigious, paid speaking opportunity. As a LightFair speaker you are compensated for your time. In addition, you receive a 3-day conference pass that allows you to attend other conference sessions free of charge (excludes Pre-Conference), and a complimentary hotel stay per course night if you are traveling from out of town. Compensation varies by course format and duration. Learn more via our Call for Speakers.

Although details may vary from year to year, LightFair Conference speakers typically receive

  • Compensation (see details below)
  • Free accommodation in the host city (one complimentary hotel night per course day for out-of-town speakers)
  • Technology and necessary equipment for the presentation
  • Custom LightFair branded graphics to promote the session
  • 3-day unlimited Conference and Exhibit Hall access (excludes Pre-Conference)

Compensation for confirmed speakers varies by course format and duration, and the amount may vary from year to year. All speakers will receive a 3-Day Conference Package. Travel and incidentals will NOT be covered.

Compensation Offered in 2022-2023

60-Minute Courses3-Hour Workshops1-Day and 2-Day Courses
One speaker $500
Two $350 each
One speaker $875
Two or more $450 each
One speaker $1750
Two or more $900 each
2023 Speaker Compensation

#4 – Networking Opportunities

Networking is quoted as one of the key benefits of attending LightFair by a majority of participants. As a speaker, you can take networking to the next level as you interact with your session’s attendees and other speakers, and connect with manufacturers offering allied products and solutions complementing your topic. These interactions and connections made at LightFair extend well beyond the 5-day show and often lead to future collaborations and other opportunities. Speaking at LightFair paves the way for professional advancement.

Never stop learning! Read, read, read. Get to IALD and IES conferences and LightFair. Attend the educational sessions that interest you and learn from the pros. This learning will never end and for me, 25 years in I’m still learning new things and feeding my curiosity and interests.

Glenn Heinmiller FIALD, LEED AP, LC | Principal / Cambridge Director | Lam Partners
Architectural Lighting Design | Check out the interview with Glenn Heinmiller

Beyond Commercial and Architectural Lighting

Besides lighting design professionals and those involved closely with commercial and architectural lighting, LightFair offers opportunities for professionals involved in a wide spectrum of peripheral and multi-disciplinary fields ranging from marketing to software, energy policy to EVs and more.

Speaking at the LightFair Conference advances opportunities for yourself, as a speaker, and for all those engaged attendees present at your session.

Do not miss LightFair’s annual Call for Speakers. Craft a great proposal that demonstrates your expertise, and how it will benefit the audience. And take the leap by applying to speak at LightFair. Thousands of engaged emerging and experienced professionals may benefit from what you have to teach. If you know a friend or colleague who would be interested, forward this information to them.

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