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7 Things to Do After Attending LightFair to Extend the Benefits Even Further

Attending LightFair benefits

Another LightFair is in the rear view mirror. (Check out the LightFair 2023 show recap here.) Now that you have returned with a week’s worth of learning, networking and product exploration, you want to ensure you get the most out of that investment of time and energy. Here are a few effective post-show habits that will amplify the impact of attending LightFair.

Document Your Experience

LightFair attending
Documenting is important for reference, and to justify the value of attending

Record your observations from LightFair in whatever format you find most efficient. A tabulated report. Voice memos or videos. Bullet points. A slide deck. It is important that you take a few minutes to capture what you learned and experienced: products and manufacturers that piqued your interest and the role they could play in your work, new research you came across, insights and takeaways from conference sessions that you want to delve into further, interesting people you met, anything that surprised or inspired you. Documenting your experience helps you track and report on the value you gained by attending LightFair. This helps demonstrate to your employer the value of funding your participation, and justify future attendance. Documenting also serves as a handy reference of key information when you need it.

Share Your Learnings

While we teach, we learn. – Seneca

Having documented your experience, share it with colleagues. Those who may have missed attending will benefit from your learnings. Sharing your knowledge also helps revisit and retain what you learned and to expand your own knowledge through discussion. Perhaps you could invite colleagues to a post-show brainstorming session to spark new ideas and inspiration. Turn your LightFair learnings into a series of short videos to share with your network. Doing so also boosts your social media presence. Posting your takeaways on your company blog is another great option.

Connect with Your Connections

Connecting at LightFair

Those business cards you collected? Don’t let them collect dust. Send a quick note to say Hello to new contacts you met at the show. Follow and connect with them on LinkedIn. Follow up and follow through on conversations you had at the show. Nurture the connections you cultivated at LightFair.

Claim Your CEUs

If you attended accredited conference sessions, look for the post-session survey in your email and respond promptly to be able to earn your CEU credits.

Update Your Profile

Did you speak at a session? Present as part of a panel? Lead a tour? Serve as a mentor or participate as a mentee? Add your newly earned credentials and experience to your profile and bio. “LightFair Presenter” doesn’t just have a prestigious ring to it. It is a badge of domain expertise that helps open up more doors. If you participated as an attendee, post about your time at LightFair and what you learned to engage your followers and keep your network in the loop.

Incorporate Your Learnings

Implement the takeaways from LightFair in your work. Adopt a new tool you learned about. Try a new way to solve a problem. Be intentional about applying what you learned or discovered at LightFair. Translate CEUs earned and time spent on the show floor into tangible benefits that impact your work output.

Drive the Conversation Forward

The next LightFair will be here sooner than you think and you know we’ll want the best and the brightest minds to lead as presenters, speakers, mentors and panelists. Be on the lookout to answer our call for thought leaders. Flesh out topics you may want to present. Make sure you are on our email list. Submit a pitch to be featured on our blog, where we talk lighting all year.

What would you add to the list? What steps do you take after returning from LightFair to get even more out of your attendance?

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