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Happy International Women’s Day: Meet the Women Driving Education and Inspiration at LightFair 2023

Women in Lighting

We join millions around the world to celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of women everywhere. and particularly women in lighting, throughout Women’s History Month and on International Women’s Day (March 8).

Over 100 women will be leading the conversation at LightFair 2023.

Women in Lighting

The work of women in lighting design, technology, education and allied areas serves as the bedrock of innovations in our industry. Women have always been central to LightFair’s growth and success and continue to play a key role year after year as subject matter experts, researchers, product designers, keynote speakers, conference presenters, advisory board members, tour guides, panelists, mentors, mentees, association chapter presidents, judges, media partners, influencers, brand ambassadors, blog contributors, members of the core LightFair show management team and more…

This blog post by no means offers a comprehensive list of all the women involved in producing LightFair and making it the lighting industry’s most inclusive and immersive trade show and conference. These names are but the tip of the iceberg, representing the hundreds, if not thousands of women who’ve charted our course and been instrumental to LightFair.

Remembering LightFair Founder Libby Morley

LightFair was the brainchild of Libby Morley who founded the show in partnership with IESNA and IALD in 1989. Libby was the show’s director for 20 years, leading with vision, enthusiasm and ambition and retiring in 2009, also the year in which she was honored as the Edison Report’s Person of the Year.
Sadly, we lost Libby Morley in October 2022. But her vision lives on even as LightFair evolves to meet the demands of a changing lighting industry landscape. In early 2022, we introduced a chatbot we affectionately named Libby.

Women at LightFair 2023

LightFair 2023 is poised to deliver one of the most inclusive and immersive experiences with 200+ speakers, 115+ educational sessions, multiple panels, on-floor sessions, a thought-provoking keynote address on the topic of responsible outdoor illumination to preserve our dark skies and much more. Women will be at the forefront of these conversations leading the way with their expertise, experience and insights. Some incredibly talented women have already been driving and shaping this LightFair as members of our advisory committees, partner leaders and core team members.

Among them is Brienne Musselman, IES Director of Education & Standards who is the architect of the LightFair 2023 conference.

Overseeing the LightFair Conference offers IES an opportunity to represent the lighting community in new ways. With appreciation for LightFair’s diverse attendees, the IES will work with IALD to explore new education modalities and encourage bold memorable content.

Brienne Musselman, LC | IES
IES Director of Education & Standards

Keynote Speaker

Karen Trevino Keynote

Karen Treviño, the Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division Chief will share her experiences, successes and challenges in turning a small, little-known program into a national success and discuss how outdoor lighting can effect national park resources and values.
May 23 | 12 – 1:30 pm | IES LIVE

Learn more

LightFair 2023 Conference speakers include over 51 women

Be sure to connect with and catch the educational sessions by women speakers at the LightFair 2023 Conference. They include:

Ahoo Malekafzali (Saint-Gobain North America) | Alessa Aguayo (Coronet LED) | Alison J. Fiedler (Stantec) | Angela Pilant (Evergreen Consulting Group) | Brittany Lynch (Clanton & Associates) | Carol Jones (Axis Lighting) | Cecilia E. Ramos (Lutron) | Dawn Hollingsworth (Darkhorse Lightworks) | Deborah Steimel-Clair (Illinois Institute of Technology) | Elif Ayalp (Arup) | Gabi Korac (Essential Light Design Studio) | Grisell C. Herrera-Fernández (Light In Me) | Heidi Adams ( | Janet C. Hansen (Enlighted Designs, Inc.) | Jess Baker (Schuler Shook) | Jessica Collier (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) | Jessica Smith (Stantec) | Joan Roberts (Fordham University) | Julie Bee (The Julie Bee) | Kasey Johnston (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) | Kate S. Hickcox (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) | Katheryn Czub (Fisher Marantz Stone) | Lauren MacLeod (Stantec) | Leela Shanker (Green Light Alliance & Flint Collective NYC) | Leora C. Radetsky (DesignLights Consortium) | Leora Mirvish (Quinn Evans) | Leslie Crapster-Pregont (Oculus Light Studio) | Lindsay Stefans (Vode Lighting LLC) | Lisa Reed (Reed Burkett Lighting Design) | Lya Osborn (Light Justice) | Lyn Gomes (DPR Construction) | Lynnette Schaeffer (EiKO Global, LLC) | Magali Mendez (Light In Me) | Maria Thompson (Photic) | Mariel Acevedo (Solus) | Mary Willcock (GMR Marketing) | Melissa Mattes (Sladen Feinstein) | Molly Stowe (LUMA Lighting Design) | Nancy Clanton (Clanton & Associates, Inc.) | Naomi J. Miller (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) | Nathalie Rozot (PhoScope) | Nubi Leon-Martinez (Arquifabrica) | Paula Ziegenbein (Hartranft Lighting Design) | Rachel Fitzgerald (Stantec) | Ruth Taylor (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) | Sarah Safranek (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) | Sarah Xiaoying Wang (Oculus Light Studio) | Shannon Glover (Stantec) | Sima Tawakoli (Canada College) | Sofia Axelrod (Rockefeller University, Solaria Systems Inc.) | Sofia Jurema (CMC Energy) | Soumya Haridas (SageGlass)

Women in Lighting Deliver Education and Inspiration On the Show Floor

In addition to the IES-curated conference, LightFair’s on-floor venues, the IALD Designery and IES LIVE, will feature additional sessions, panel discussions and award presentations. We also offer curated tours of each of our pavilions – Design, Outdoor, Technology and The Collective.

On-Floor Presenters and Tour Guides Include

Carla R Bukalski (Current)
Evelyn McGowan (Jacobs)
Heather Averett (Glow)
Leela Shanker (Green Light Alliance & Flint Collective NYC)
Monica Lobo (LD Studio)
Shirley Coyle (Relevant Light Consulting Inc.)
Suelynn Shiller (Lighting Solution Development – LightNOW News)
Susana Babic (BPM Lighting)

Don’t miss the WILD networking event at LightFair on May 24. Check our schedule for more details.

Women Who Are Part of LightFair Advisory Boards Include

Brienne Musselman (IES)
Dawn Hollingsworth (Darkhorse Lightworks, LLC)
Deborah Burnett (Benya Burnett Consultancy)
Emlyn Altman (DLR Group)
Jill Cody (Dark Light Design)
Morgan Gabler (Gabler-Youngston, Inc.)
Rachel Stoner (EXP)
Shoshanna A. Segal (Hartranft Lighting Design)

Meet the LightFair Attendee Advisory Committee
Meet the LightFair Conference Advisory Committee

Women on LightFair’s Management Committee

Meet our Mentors – LightFair’s pilot Mentorship Program kicked off in 2021 and has seen over 35% year-over-year growth by facilitating valuable, meaningful interactions and learning for mentees and mentors.

Meet the LightFair Team (over 60% women!)

The core LightFair team comprises a mix of seasoned trade show and lighting industry veterans as well as specialists and generalists from other areas including manufacturing, retail and entertainment. Our heir combined talents, experience and enthusiasm along with our collaborative partnership with the IES and IALD teams help make LightFair a show like no other .

Women in Lighting Featured on the LightFair Blog

The LightFair blog serves as a forum for conversation and a source of inspiration, insights and ideas for the lighting community throughout the year. We feature voices from the lighting industry. Many of the professionals featured on the blog are longtime attendees, speakers, presenters and thought leaders you can expect to see at LightFair.

The work and contributions of women shine through the broad range of topics and perspectives presented on our blog. If you haven’t done so already, we invite you to learn more about the work of some of the women in the lighting industry.

Luxe Lighting Design
Barbara Horton, Lee Brandt – Conversations on Illumination
Yah Li Toh – Interview/ Spotlight

Theatrical Lighting Design
Susan Hamburger – Interview/ Spotlight

Light and Wellness
Deborah Burnett on Staying Well, Circadian Science
Meg Smith on the Importance of Lighting in WELL Building Certification
Regina Lausell on Light Wellness ROI
Angelica Santana – The Union of Light and Yoga
Connie Samla – Lighting for the Spectrum

Women in Sustainability and Environmentally Responsible Outdoor Lighting
Kate Sweater Hickox – Designing for Darkness, 5 Ways to Go Circular Through Design for Disassembly
Melissa Mattes – Making Healthier Specification Decisions
Suzanne Lansford – Roadway Lighting: Best Practices, Challenges, Myths

Women and Diversity
Lauren Dandridge Gaines – Diversity Is a Push for Opportunity
Tanya Hernandez – Inclusion, Opportunities, Ownership
Danielle Samuel – Dream Big, Design Big, Speak Up

Over to you! Tell us about some of the women in lighting who have helped shape your career, or who inspire, inform and influence your ideas and views about lighting and beyond.

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