Inspiring Profiles and Bold Voices: in Honor of Black History Month

Black History Month

Our vision of serving as a global platform for lighting innovation would not be possible without a vibrant and diverse lighting community offering a broad range of perspectives and expertise.

In honor of Black History Month, we profile inspiring lighting industry leaders who share their views on representation, opportunity, diversity, inclusion, equality and offer glimpses into their own journey.

We are grateful to Tanya Hernandez, Peter A. Hugh and Lauren Dandridge Gaines for participating in our series, and sharing their stories, voices and inspiration with us. Their thoughtful posts offer plenty to reflect on. While there are encouraging signs of positive change in our industry, true change only comes about when each one of us commits to being open-minded, checking inadvertent bias, and speaking up on behalf of someone who may not have representation at the table.

Do check out the inspiring posts from each of these amazing lighting industry leaders and voices:

Inclusion, Opportunities and Ownership: Encouraging Diversity, Representation and Inclusion in the Lighting Industry
– Tanya Hernandez, PE, LC

Incorporating Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Respect (DEIR) into the IES Culture – Peter A. Hugh, IALD, IES

Diversity is a Push for Opportunity – Lauren Dandridge Gaines, LC, IES

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