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Supporting Sustainability: Going Greener Together

Energy Efficiency Lighting Solutions at LightFair

April is recognized as Earth Month and April 22 as International Earth Day. Learn more about the origins and significance of the movement, the initiatives being undertaken and the positive impact you can make at

At LightFair, we are proud of and grateful for our community of environment-conscious Illuminators – lighting professionals and exhibitors who participate in the trade show and conference as well as our vendors, facility, accommodation, transportation and media partners who support sustainability initiatives not just at LightFair, but throughout the year. Designing and delivering trade shows anchored by sustainability and limited by budgets has never been easy, but new solutions and options are being presented each year. At LightFair, we strive to make positive changes in our processes that reflect a more sustainable approach. We could not do it alone. We rely on the support and partnership of the lighting community and our event production partners.

Products and Solutions for Sustainable Design Applications

Exhibitors T LightFair

Our trade show floor features several manufacturers offering solutions that support sustainable, commercial applications and their numbers grow each year. The lighting community is passionate and vocal about the solutions they seek. You can see the outcome on display on the trade show floor across every category, in the submissions for the LightFair Innovation Awards, in conversations at LightFair and in the trends that emerge from the show each year.

Lighting Education That Drives Sustainable, Responsible Design

Lighting innovation starts with lighting education. Our conference program, this year and every year, features several courses around the topic of sustainable design and environmentally sound practices presented by passionate practitioners. Our co-owners, the Illuminating Engineering Society and the International Association of Lighting Designers also host educational events and offer additional resources.

Conversations and Community: The Key to Sustainability

Dark Sky

On our blog, we encourage conversations on sustainable, environmentally and ecologically responsible design, material transparency, energy efficiency and other topics that take a more holistic approach to sustainability. We shine the spotlight on lighting design and technology professionals and exhibitors offering greener solutions.

A Facility Committed to Greener Events, Sustainable Strategies

The Las Vegas Convention Center where LightFair 2022 will be staged is one of the busiest in the world. The convention center is committed to minimizing waste and conserving natural resources to make green meetings and events possible. Learn about their green operations, water conservation, energy savings, waste reduction measures, low-impact transportation options and more here. See it all in action for yourself when you are here June 19-23, 2022.

Lighting Design for the Las Vegas Convention Center

The new West Hall where LightFair 2022 will take place is a modern, scalable facility with individually dimmable controls, advanced customization settings and plenty of daylight. The newly expanded convention center is designed to lead the way for 21st century exhibition and conference spaces. To learn more about the lighting design the Las Vegas Convention Center, check out the Conversation on Illumination with David Ghatan, president of CM Kling + Associates.

(Photo on left by Josh Partee)

Environmentally Friendly Transportation Options in Las Vegas

Low-impact transportation options for LightFair 2022 participants include our free shuttle service to and from partner hotels and discounted tickets on the Las Vegas Monorail, the fastest, most convenient way to travel the strip. Skip the traffic, be kind to the environment and enjoy the ride! Also, don’t miss riding The Loop* – electric cars that connect the West Hall with the other parts of the Convention Center through underground tunnels, cutting down a 25-minute walk to a 2-minute ride. (You’ll still get your 10,000 steps in on the show floor.)
(*Update: The LVCC Loop is temporarily closed for construction as of June 10, 2022.)

Event Design Partners Committed to Sustainability

While it is not easy to reduce consumption and wastage in the events industry, our event and booth design partner, Freeman, is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of events. Freeman’s Zero Waste initiative focuses on four major areas of impact: resources, energy, air, and people. 

​​Freeman is the first General Services Contractor (GSC) to earn both the ISO 14001 and ISO 20121 certifications, which help to guide and measure their actions and approach to sustainability. Learn more about Freeman’s sustainability initiatives.

In partnership with Freeman, our efforts for LightFair 2022 include:
• smart practices, using and reusing eco-friendly material from carpets and structures to signage
• offering 100% recyclable substrate options
• a three-year program to reduce the use of foam-based substrates
• testing of soy-based padding made from renewable sources
• donation of older equipment to support local and community charities

Transition to Digital Marketing

We have been making the transition to more digital communications and relying less on printed collateral in recent years. You may have noticed our increasing online footprint both in our own marketing campaigns and our partnership with digital media outlets. We have also made strategic choices with our on-site signage, cutting down waste but maximizing visibility and impact.

Reusable Swag: Send Less to the Landfill

Why purchase a bottle of water when you can grab a reusable LightFair water bottle at the show, a handy souvenir you can refill as you go on-site as you walk the floor and beyond.

It Takes a Community

We have been taking steps in the positive direction, but we know they are not enough. We believe we still have a lot to do to reduce our environmental footprint while delivering a superior experience every year to all LightFair participants. We welcome your feedback, suggestions and thoughts. How can we as a community become greener together?

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