International Dark Sky Week

Dark Sky

As we mark International Dark Sky Week April 15-23 in 2023, explore education and on-floor inspiration around sustainability, environmentally responsible lighting design, preserving dark skies and more at LightFair, May 21-25, Javits Center, New York. 

Experts agree that well-designed nighttime lighting needs to take into account the ecology, human safety, security & wellbeing and sky glow aspects. While this is a tall order, it can be met with the right approach that includes a combination of advocacy, informed lighting-at-night (L@N) design decisions, technology and personal responsibility.

Karen Trevino Keynote Dark Sky
2023 Keynote: Karen Treviño. Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division Chief

Our 2023 Keynote features Karen Treviño. The Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division Chief will share her experiences, successes and challenges in turning a small, little-known program into a national success and discuss how outdoor lighting can effect national park resources and values.
May 23 | 12 – 1:30 pm | IES LIVE

Explore all conference sessions for 2023 | Explore Lightineraries – Check out the Environmental Enthusiast Lightinerary for sessions and on-floor highlights featuring responsible outdoor lighting.

A good lighting specifier knows when not to specify lighting as well as how to specify quality lighting when it is needed.

Kate Sweater Hickcox, MS, LC, Lighting Research Scientist | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

The following posts explore the significance of and need for designing for darkness, reducing light pollution and responsible nighttime lighting.

Roadway Lighting Best Practices: Challenges and Myths (Part 1)
– by Rick Kauffman, FIES, Chief Manager, Kauffman Consulting, LLC | Senior Lighting Designer, Wi-Skies, LLC

Roadway Lighting Best Practices: Challenges and Myths (Part 2)
– by Suzanne Lansford, PE | Owner / Principal Engineer, REDD Inc. DBA Town Lighting Engineers 

Roadway Lighting Best Practices: Challenges and Myths (Part 3)
– by Joe Hancock | Utility Standards Specialist, Town Lighting Engineers | Owner, Hancock Consulting LLC

Designing for Darkness
– by Kate Sweater Hickcox, MS, LC

The Illuminated Little Island That Could
– by Fisher Marantz Stone

Is Light Pollution Killing Us? And what can we do about it?
– by Alessio Urso

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