Strategy Webinar for Current and Potential LightFair Exhibitors by Mark Roush

LightFair Strategies

UPDATE: This LIVE webinar was hosted on March 24, 2021. A recording will be made available to registrants.


If you are a lighting manufacturer or a technology provider serving that serve the lighting industry, LightFair is a great opportunity to connect and reconnect with your lighting industry prospects and customers. This is especially true in 2021 when the pent-up demand for new product is higher than usual. Numerous surveys have indicated that the lighting community is eager to be back at an in-person trade show, discovering products and networking. How can you make sure your investment is justified? How do you maximize your returns?

Want to join the serious players, but have unanswered questions?

Not sure if exhibiting is right for your brand and budget? Wondering how best to position your products in a sea of competition? Wish there was a proven playbook for booth design? Learn all this and more in a lively, informative webinar by Mark Roush, FIES, M.Arch., LC at 1 pm ET on March 24.

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What makes Mark Roush uniquely qualified to help you strategize your presence at LightFair?

This 40-year trade-show veteran and award-winning marketing leader has many accomplishments and qualifications to his credit. Notable among them:

  • Transforming the Signify/Philips brand’s to innovation leader within two LightFair cycles
  • Leading marketing for four companies creating award-winning strategic marketing platforms
  • The first to receive Best Booth AND New Product of the Year awards when first launched by LightFair in 1995.
  • Going on to win Best Booth two additional times

Mark Roush is the principal of Experience Light, a strategic marketing and education consultancy servicing clients like Signify/Philips, LG LED/Display, Hubbell, LeGrand/Wattstopper and others. His 40-year career in lighting includes lighting design, lighting education, brand management, marketing, and business development.

Mark has been on the faculty teaching lighting at two universities, supported Lighting Centers at Philips, Acuity NYC, Lucifer and Holophane and spoken nationally on lighting technology, application, education and LEDs.

He is Past-President (2015-2016) and Fellow of the Illuminating Engineering Society; Lighting Certified; and former President of the International Association of Lighting Designer’s (IALD) Education Trust.

Mark Roush and LightFair

Mark introduced many of the marketing sponsorships offered by Lightfair such as room drops, room keys, marquee rotations, shuttle bus signage, registration coffee service, and much more. Mark has attended LightFair/ Lighting World all but 3 years in the last 40. He has been part of the Conference Advisory Committee and LightFair’s Exhibitor Council. He has also facilitated the LightFair Innovation Awards for 21 years.

Who is the webinar meant for?

Current exhibitors committed to showing at LightFair 2021 in New York and undecided or potential exhibitors considering exhibiting are welcome to attend. The strategies you learn in this webinar will help you stretch your marketing dollars and plan your presence at LightFair or any other trade show you plan to show at.

Is there a cost to attend?

The 90-minute webinar is free. All you have to do is register.

What exactly will be covered?

You will learn how to create distinctive product positioning statements, create a memorable customer experience, uncover and tell your brand story, make use of on-site and off-site opportunities and tactics to connect with your audience, take advantage of awards and other free benefits and more.

Learn more and register for the Mark Roush Webinar.

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