LightFair Innovation Awards Submissions for 2021 Are Open Jan 12–Apr 16

Have you signed on as an exhibitor for the upcoming LightFair? One of the top perks included with your booth is our annual celebration of innovation. As an exhibitor, based on your booth size, you are eligible to enter up to eight products for consideration to the LightFair Innovation Awards.

The awards are the industry’s top recognition and most coveted honor. Entries are judged by an independent panel and products that make the cut tend to become the talk of the industry around the world.

Learn more about the submittal process, rules and eligibility here. The submission period is January 12–April 16, 2021.


  1. This Light Fair should not be happening in 2021. Of our 48 rep groups only two are going to attend and even those are sending only a couple of people. There is no one coming from west of the Mississippi. People are afraid of the covid–and do not want to spend the money in overpriced NYC…after such a tough year. Why dont you wait till Vegas in 2022. Toughest year ever for the manufacturers. This year is a mistake–the last show I went to in July 21′ attendance was 1/5th and the floor activity was almost zero. We had 3 leads–people visiting booth of which one was useful. Usually we average 40. It’s not to late–POSTPONE!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Bob. We appreciate the feedback. While your concern is understandable, we remain optimistic and excited about LightFair in New York. Despite a difficult 18+ months, there are various encouraging factors to suggest that the lighting community is ready to reconnect at an in-person LightFair. Consider the following:
      – New York is among the safest cities in the US today with over 75% of the population now vaccinated.
      – Businesses have opened back up. NYC hotel occupancy is rising and the room rates are among the lowest in years.
      – Of course, safety will remain a priority. LightFair’s protocols are being updated to align with the latest guidelines. The Javits Center has achieved GBAC Star accreditation which means you can expect the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitization at the venue.
      – Our show schedule and program have been redesigned to maximize the experience while prioritizing safety.
      – Attendees from leading architectural and lighting design firms are expressing their excitement to attend and have been pre-registering.
      – The location, with its proximity to Hudson Yards and other NYC attractions, is another great draw.
      – Above all, this will be the largest show of its kind since the last LightFair in 2019. The pent-up demand for new product and craving for in-person interactions is real.
      Our dedicated team is working hard every day to ensure that we deliver a productive, memorable and safe experience for all participants and maximum ROI for exhibitors. With what we know today and the trends we are seeing, we feel confident that LightFair 2021 will be a well-attended and successful event and we will continue to work towards this objective.

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