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Human-Centric Lighting Strategies

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.
We encourage you to prioritize mental health, explore the many resources available to gain knowledge and spread awareness about mental health and wellbeing, to learn how to support those with mental illness and to advocate for better mental health.

Delve into these resources and browse our offering of courses focused on circadian health and human-centric lighting strategies at LightFair 2022.


Explore these courses and on-floor sessions focused on human-centric lighting design at LightFair 2022

Measuring Project Success
Hospital Behavioral Health Facility
L22EB1 | June 21 | 2:00 – 3:30 pm 
Speakers: Alyssa Weber (Visual Interest), Andrea Wilkerson (PNNL), Carolyn Schilling (Boulder Associates), Sarah Safranek (PNNL)

Course Description: Join us as we explore how project success is measured, how it should be measured, and how we get to this future. We will discuss these questions as we walk through the installation, commissioning and commissioning again of a white-tunable lighting system installed at a hospital behavioral health facility. We will dive into the often glossed over messy and frustrating process of implementing new lighting technology from the perspective of the project lighting designer, manufacturer’s representative and researchers who are passionate about helping others learn and inspiring the industry to embrace advanced technologies and the bumps along the way.

Accessibility in Lighting
Strategies to Accommodate Physical and Neurologically Divergent Experiences
L22EB2 | June 22 | 8:30 – 9:30 am
Speakers: Kathleen Moser and Catherine Leskowat (Hartranft Lighting Design)

Course Description: Lighting professionals know that perception and experience are pivotal to a successful design. This course will expand attendees understanding beyond the “average” user experience to identify ways lighting can be a stressor or an asset based on specific user needs. We will guide the audience to experience their environment through the lens of a range of physical and neurological divergences, and outline strategies for specific populations to accommodate more diverse range of brains and eyes.

In Search of Visual Complexity
Breaking the Secret Code of the Visual Environment
L22EL3 | June 22 | 10 – 11 am 
Speaker: Alp Durmus (Penn State University)

Course Description: Our visual environment is full of objects, structures, and patterns that are seemingly random. However, information theory and environmental statistics suggest that we, humans subconsciously break the secret code of the visual environment all the time. Evidence from research studies suggests that the perceived complexity of the visual environment can be estimated using image statistics. This course will cover the theoretical basis and practical applications of visual complexity. In the first part, theories and underlying psychological and physiological factors will be presented. The second part will focus on computational and psychophysical studies investigating visual complexity.

IoT Lighting to Improve Education Facilities
Creating Better Learning Environments
L22TI3| June 22 | 2 – 3 pm
Speaker: Chris Andrews (Cooper Lighting Solutions)

Course Description: This seminar will review lighting and controls trends, the regulations and standards, as well as the safety and productivity improvements that can be realized for educational facilities that implement an advanced, Internet of Things (IoT) and Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) Connected Lighting Controls System. We will also discuss Germincidal Ultra-Violet (GUV) solutions, daylighting benefits and dynamic tunable white lightings as it relates to Circadian Stimulus (CS) in the education spaces.

Explore On-Floor Sessions Focused on Wellness

All on-floor sessions are included with any type of registration, however seating may be limited and available on a first-come, first-served bases. On-floor sessions at LightFair are a great way to network, earn extra CEUs and learn from thought leaders in between exhibitor booth stops.

Yoga: Breathwork, Meditation and Gentle Movement
L22SP11 | June 21 & 22 | 11:00 am – 11:30 am
Speaker: Angela Cominos Koehler (Union Yoga) 

Breathing practices, medita­tion and gentle movement can help calm and center the mind. It’s not surprising that yoga also brings mental benefits, such as reduced anxiety and depression, but it can also make your brain work better. 

Health, Hospitality and Our Environment
L22DS7  | June 22 | 12 – 1 pm | 1 AIA Credit
Speakers: Brennan Schumacher and Janelle Drouet (Mazzetti)

From healthcare to hospitality the satisfaction of the occupant (patient and guest alike) is at the heart of a successful project. Lighting can help heal, excite and support a place of refuge. How are we applying human-centric lighting? What is a best practice baseline sustainable lighting system? Moving into the future, what is an evaluation workflow for items such as carbon offsetting, and incorporation of the one truly sustainable and renewable resource, daylight, in conjunction with electric lighting? Join the Mazzetti Lighting Design Studio leaders, Brennan Schumacher and Janelle Drouet, as they provide case studies and best practice overviews for incorporating health, hospitality and the environment harmoniously within workflow and project solutions.

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