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Defining and Measuring Light Wellness ROI

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In this episode of Conversations on Illumination with LightFair, Regina Lausell, CEO, Light Vitality Group emphasizes the importance of light wellness ROI as she explores how employers can translate employees’ circadian rhythms, sleep health, behavior, processes and other seemingly intangible aspects into financial ROI. Her tips, strategies and considerations reveal what she calls the “best-kept secret” of lighting practices with takeaways for business owners, employees and anyone interested in increasing productivity. Watch this video to learn more about increasing the light wellness ROI in your business or workplace.

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About Regina Lausell

For Regina, light wellness is the package that wraps so snugly around her embodiment of passion, experience
and well-being. She calls light wellness the “best-kept secret” of lighting practices, often mistakenly masked in
poor marketing, capitalistic greed and consumer doubt.
After pursuing her MFA in Architectural Lighting Design and spending some time in the lighting workforce,
Regina saw the need to engage communities in the light wellness conversation. She now hosts educational
workshops for communities and trades alike which help to bridge the gaps between the many disciplines that
touch light wellness and are necessary to see it take flight.
Prior to her work in light and health, Regina worked for four years as a graphic designer and planning assistant
for a State governed Regional Planning Council where she developed the tact and precision of branding
regionally significant programs, and reviewing city-wide code ordinances, gaining a broader perspective for
master planning methodologies. With additional experience in positions as an architectural lighting designer, a
manufacturer’s regional sales representative for light wellness fixtures and controls, a Director of Lighting and
Wellness Business Development for a technology integration firm, we have who you see before you today, CEO
of a collaborative platform for light wellness support, the Light Vitality Group.

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