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Conversations on Illumination: Luxe Viewpoints from HLB Lighting Design

Conversations on Illumination is a video series on LightFair’s YouTube channel exploring various topics with lighting thought leaders and innovators.

In this exclusive conversation with LightFair that is part of our luxe design series, Barbara Horton CLD, FIALD | Senior Principal, HLB and Lee Brandt IALD, MIES, LC | Principal, HLB explore the theme of Luxe Design as they walk us through their design approach, some of their most interesting, challenging or memorable installations and their perspectives on a wide range of topics including the evolution of the idea of luxury as it crosses over to unconventional applications, the role of technology and more. Watch it now.

Featuring HLB Lighting Design’s Barbara Horton and Lee Brandt

Sanofi_HLB - Pharmaceutical Company - Photo Credit: Scott G. Morris, SGM Photography
Confidential Pharmaceutical Company | HLB Lighting Design | Photo Credit: Scott G. Morris, SGM Photography

Barbara Horton CLD, FIALD
Senior Principal | HLB Lighting Design

Barbara is one of HLB’s Senior Design Principals and Practice
Leaders in urban lighting and healthcare. Barbara’s portfolio also
includes a well-rounded expertise in notable lighting projects for
corporate, academic, recreation, hospitality/retail and performing
arts among others.

With over 40 years of experience, Barbara captures light with
a special brilliance for designing solutions to meet challenging
requirements. Barbara inspires HLB’s
viewpoint to create a lighting practice that offers a visionary
perspective with a pragmatic approach to every design. Learn more about Barbara Horton and her projects.

Lee Brandt IALD, MIES, LC
Principal | HLB Lighting Design

Lee Brandt IALD, MIES, LC
Principal| HLB Lighting Design

Lee’s strategic role at HLB includes recruitment, team
development and career paths. Lee also leads the Energy
Standards/LEED team within HLB’s Daylighting & Sustainable
Design Studio and serves on USGBC and IALD committees related
to light pollution, sustainable design, and energy codes. She is
also a practice leader in the design of hospitality projects, working
on large and small scale hotels from national brands to boutique
hotels, and every experience has been unique. Her portfolio also
includes challenging projects like athletic centers, streetscapes,
courthouses, and retail spaces, among others.

Lee Brandt is a disciplined thinker with a background in engineering and architecture who is both practical and resourceful. Like her favorite light fixture, a clean cove light, Lee brings a simplicity, efficiency, and versatility to the design process.

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