Circadian Science with Deborah Burnett and Dr. Leakey

Journey of light
Deborah Burnett

Deborah Burnett


Deborah Burnett is an internationally recognized registered design professional, Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the field of Light + Health, and a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Serving on IES and CIE photobiology, daylight & health, and aging committees she is a highly regarded academic lecturer, international keynote presenter, and published author.

Burnett is also a LightFair speaker who presented in the 2020 virtual conference.

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Behind the scenes: the journey of light

Burnett invites us into her art studio to explain the tangible relationship between lighting and circadian health. If your work involves lighting for wellness, don’t miss this video in which she enlists the help of her assistant/guest, Dr. Leakey, to demonstrate the path light travels when it enters the eye. Get a clear understanding of the connection between light/ darkness and our biological rhythms.

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