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10 Reasons to Attend LightFair 2022

Thousands of architectural and commercial lighting design and technology professionals will be heading to Las Vegas this June 19-23, 2022 to attend LightFair. We hope you’ll be among them.

If your work touches lighting design and technology, architecture, urban planning or any field involved with light, you don’t want to miss LightFair. It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with lighting trends and industry friends, to experience the energy and community you may have missed these past couple of years.

Need more reasons to register?

1. Attractive Price: Conference Includes Expo Pass and More

For 2022, standard pricing starts at just $90 for a conference session. This price includes a 3-day expo pass plus access to all on-floor sessions, networking events and curated tours. You don’t need a separate expo pass if you sign up for any of our 40+ conference sessions. This kind of value for your money is hard to beat. And if your manager needs a nudge to approve your attendance, you’ll find help in the LightFair Attendance Justification Kit.

Check out LightFair pricing information here.

2. Product Discovery Across 50 Categories

As the last couple of years have proved, product spec sheets, photographs and videos, no matter how well produced, cannot replace in-person product demonstrations and the tactile experience of getting your hands on the latest products. Take this opportunity to finally get back on the trade show floor, compare different offerings from manufacturers, discover product lines you didn’t know about, get to learn more about the brands you love. This year is especially important if you have missed seeing what’s new the last few years. Bigger booths and your favorite brands are back. New brands will be here for the first time. See what manufacturers have been working on first hand. View 2022 Exhibitors

3. NEW Appointment Scheduler: Connect with Exhibitors, Maximize Efficiency

LightFair 2022 will be a key opportunity to strengthen manufacturer relationships. Even though there is a lot to see across the trade show floor, you will still want to dedicate more time to certain booths and make the most efficient use of your time here. Our new Appointment Scheduler tool is designed to help you do just that.

Scheduling appointments helps you 

  • connect one-on-one with your highest-priority exhibitors
  • allocate resources effectively to cover the entire show floor
  • make the most of LightFair  

By making use of this tool, you can be sure that no matter how busy the show floor is or how crowded the booths are, you will get the time and attention you want and deserve from the exhibitors that matter to you the most.

4. Professional Accreditation: Continuing Education

Webinars are great, but you can only attend so many. It’s time to return to in-person education.

Did you know that LightFair offers two-day, immersive Pre-Conference training just prior to the trade show? This includes in-depth, 3-hour, half-day, one-day and two-day sessions and hands-on workshops you don’t often find at other conferences or online.

In addition, 60-minute and 90-minute sessions are part of the standard LightFair Conference offering. LightFair 2022 features 120+ CEUs and is the perfect opportunity to meet your credit goals for the year. Our conference speakers, education tracks and courses are selected through a rigorous process to bring you the most relevant and current education available in the industry. From sustainable design to human-centric lighting strategies, lighting controls to material transparency, our spectrum of courses spans the gamut and is presented by some of the industry’s most well-respected experts.

5. On-Floor Education, More Credits

In addition to the Conference, we offer additional on-floor talks on lighting design topics and interactive sessions that you can attend between booth visits without even leaving the trade show floor. These talks happen across multiple locations including The Designery in the Design Pavilion, LightFair LIVE, the TEK Talks area in the Smart Pavilion and Outdoor Exchange in the Outdoor Pavilion. While designed to be more interactive, informal sessions, these talks also offer additional Continuing Education credits.

6. Connect and Reconnect with Thought Leaders

LightFair is about the people. It’s what makes product discovery and education all the more valuable and memorable. Attending LightFair is about building and growing connections, strengthening manufacturer partnerships, forging new collaborations and expanding your circle. The speakers, presenters, tour guides, panelists and other thought leaders you’ll see at LightFair 2022 are the backbone of the lighting community. You are sure to run into old friends and make new ones every time you attend LightFair, and this year, it will be all the more important to reconnect.

In addition to our co-owners, the IES and IALD, we’ve partnered with a number of other industry associations to bring you valuable content and networking opportunities at LightFair 2022. Learn more about our industry and association partners.

7. Curated Pavilion Tours

LightFair 2022 will feature a Design Pavilion, an Outdoor Pavilion, a Smart Pavilion and an exclusive, niche space we introduced in 2021 – The Collective, reserved for exhibitors who are IALD LIRC or IES Sustaining Members. We’ve selected knowledgeable tour guides to help you navigate each of these pavilions and categories so you can gain additional insights as you walk the pavilions with them. Learn more about our tour guides and the benefit of joining tours.

8. Back In Las Vegas!

Need we say more?

  • The last time LightFair was held in Las Vegas was in 2014. It was one of our best-attended shows. Proximity to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Seattle and other west coast cities with thriving lighting design communities is one of the biggest benefits of a Las Vegas, LightFair.
  • The Las Vegas Convention Center’s new West Hall features an expansive, modern space, intimate meeting areas, an outdoor terrace with iconic strip views, plenty of parking, access to public transportation, dining and entertainment, cutting-edge campus transportation and more. You can go back and brag about riding the new, underground, *electric Loop (maybe even a driverless one!) that takes you from one end of the convention center to the other in just a couple of minutes. (*Update: The LVCC Loop is temporarily closed for construction as of June 10, 2022.)
  • For many of us, this is one of the first chances to reconnect and travel as a team since 2019 – why not make a team-building trip out of it? The energy and vibrancy of Las Vegas with its unparalleled entertainment, culinary and accommodation options make it one of the top trade show and travel destinations. Check out ideas for things to do here.

9. Catch the Latest Lighting News As It Unfolds

News tends to break at LightFair – mergers, acquisitions, new appointments, product launches…the show floor is always abuzz and this year is expected to be no different. If something new is happening, you’ll likely hear it first at LightFair!
The LightFair Innovation Awards that recognize the best products across 14 categories will be announced on June 21. View the most recent winners

LightFair Innovation Award

10. Grow Your Career

LightFair is a great opportunity to focus on your professional goals, whether it is to recalibrate your career, work towards a promotion or establish yourself as an expert in your field.

  • Grow professional connections within the industry with every interaction
  • Take relevant courses and earn credits towards your license and professional advancement
  • Get a complimentary business headshot for your profile
  • Attend the Mentorship Panel Discussion and learn from the experience of our mentors and mentees
  • Boost your professional brand by applying to speak or present in an upcoming year

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