Tax Credits for the Lighting Industry

Lighting tax rebates

There are numerous tax incentives and deductions available for lighting manufacturers and lighting design professionals. These include credits related to innovations, energy savings and more. It can be challenging to keep up with evolving tax laws and qualifying criteria. But you don’t want to miss taking advantage of any lighting rebates or credits you may be eligible for.

Here on the LightFair blog, we partnered with tax experts to bring you this series shedding light on some of the key areas of tax credits for the lighting industry. Check out the guest posts and consider contacting the contributors if you need professional advice or help with filing your returns and maximizing your tax credits.

R&D Tax Credits for Lighting Designers

Government Building Lighting Designer Tax Incentives: 179D

Lighting, 3D Printing and R&D Tax Credits

Tax Credits Related to Cybersecurity in the Lighting Industry

Window Closing to Complete 2022 Lighting Projects Before New Standards Become Effective

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