Lovers of Light, Unite! Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine's Day Illuminators

Circadian dreams,
Human-centric machines,
LEDs that grow blooms,
GUV to disinfect rooms,
Bright ideas, dark skies,
Systems harvesting daylight.

Sensors that seem to read our minds,
Controls and switches of every kind,
Smart tech…getting ever smarter,
AI innovations setting hearts aflutter,
“Interconnected”,  “Interoperable”,
Human, nature, tech… now inseparable!

Patented technology, security, sustainability,
Energy-efficiency…a priority!
Roadway, street, landscape design,
Luminaires, lamps and poles on your mind?

Education, discovery, networking, connections,
Your destination for lighting innovation.
33 years and growing…
Your love and support keep LightFair glowing.

Dear Illuminators,
Just a note to say
Happy Valentine’s Day!

– The LightFair Team

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