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LED Retrofit Project: Baylor Scott and White Cancer Center Dallas, TX

Next Step Energy Solutions - Baylor Scott White Cancer Center

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Quinn Proctor, Next Step Energy Solutions

Project Highlights

Location: Dallas, TX
Year of Completion: 2021
10-story hospital, 460,000+ sq. ft.
Retrofitted 10,000+ LED lights
Reduced annual lighting cost by 75%
The equivalent of planting 2,072 trees /taking 82 cars off the road / avoiding 1,057,724 pounds of equivalent carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of coal every year

Next Step Energy Solutions retrofitted over 10,000 LED lights in the 10-story hospital building of Baylor Scott and White Cancer Center in Dallas, TX. Our installation crew was able to work after hours to ensure a rapid installation process spanning over 460,000 square feet while staying out of the way of all the important work being done by the medical staff.

Energy Savings and Environmental Impact of LED Retrofitting

By switching previously used fluorescent and incandescent bulbs to LED lights, the Baylor Cancer Center decreased its annual lighting costs by 75% and cut down on 441 additional work orders. Next Step Energy Solutions’ installations convert approximately 90% more energy into light and produce 90% less heat than traditional light bulbs. The LEDs used have a half-life that is 50-times longer than incandescent bulbs and produces twice as much light per wattage than fluorescent bulbs.

Next Step’s green energy alternatives allow the hospital to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions they release. By using LED lights, they accomplish the equivalent of planting 2,072 trees, taking 82 cars off the road, or avoiding 1,057,724 pounds of equivalent carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of coal every year.

“The new LEDs installed by Next Step have significantly reduced our energy usage while optimizing the working environment for our health care partners and their patients. In addition to creating energy savings, this LED conversion will eliminate hundreds of routine lighting work order requests each year.”

Physicians Realty Trust

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