Conversations on Illumination – Lighting Controls, Sensors, and the Future of Energy Savings

We chatted with Eric Miller, CEO & CTO of Avi-on Labs to discuss what’s new, the most exciting developments in sensors and lighting controls, and how they could transform the commissioning experience for lighting design professionals while offering incredible energy savings. Learn more at Stop by the Avi-on booth at LightFair.

Watch the interview for interesting insights.

Are sensors and controls the future of energy savings?

How will sensors and controls revolutionize fixture design for manufacturers?

To what extent could pre-integrated fixtures transform and simplify the process of lighting design without compromising on design experience?

Interoperability between devices poses inherent security risks. What steps can manufacturers take to mitigate them and demonstrate readiness?

What are some unexpected Covid-19 silver linings in the lighting industry? (Hint: empty schools, airports and offices)

Listen to Eric Miller’s responses to these and other questions and know what to expect in the world of lighting controls and sensors.


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