10 Reasons We Love the Lighting Community

Last Valentine’s Day, we attempted to write you an ode. This year, we decided we’d stick to prose. Poetry or prose, the sentiment is sincere.

It’s no secret that LightFair, now in its 34th year, would not be here without you – the lighting professional, or as we’ve affectionately nicknamed you – the Illuminator. Your continuing support and participation are critical to a healthy, thriving LightFair.

So here, dear Illuminator, are 10 (of the countless) reasons we love you and are grateful for you.

Don’t miss the video at the end of this post featuring your lighting friends and colleagues on what it means to be a part of the lighting community.

1 – Passion for lighting

Your dedication to your work as a lighting professional and your commitment to advancing lighting innovation drive our industry forward. It is our pride and privilege to have the brightest minds join us.

Lighting Community pushes boundaries

2 – Creativity and courage

You push the boundaries of what is possible in lighting design. Not always easy.

Sustainable lighting design

3 – Support of sustainability

Your commitment to promoting sustainability and energy-efficient lighting solutions, and your efforts to help protect and conserve the environment and dark skies are inspiring and impactful.

4 – A healthy culture of mentorship

Meaningful, personalized professional connections form the cornerstone of growth, learning and the future of lighting. We observe that as lighting professionals grow in their careers, they willingly and voluntarily inspire, mentor and nurture the next generation of lighting professionals. (Read about our Pilot Mentorship Program that culminated at LightFair 2021)

LightFair Mentorship Program

5 – Your love for collaboration

We love that as lighting professionals, you love to collaborate, network, expand your horizons and share your knowledge so the lighting industry can advance as a whole.

LightFair Conference Education

6 – Appreciation for education

The lighting community values education and professional development. You’re always seeking to learn and expand your skills and we are so pleased to bring you the industry’s most comprehensive Continuing Education offering in the form of the LightFair Conference and Workshops.

7 – Respect for legacy and heritage

You have been with us on our journey since our inception in 1989. You recognize and appreciate the heritage of the lighting industry and all that we have been through together, while embracing new technologies and frontiers.

Conference Advisory Committee 2023
2023 Conference Advisory Committee: Archit Jain, Mark Lien, Brienne Musselman, Cody Bargholz, Shoshanna Segal, Rachael Stoner, Morgan Gabler

8 – Support for the industry

As researchers, scientists, engineers, innovators, members of associations, section leaders of local chapters, committee chairs, advisors, consultants, speakers, presenters, panelists, practitioners and LightFair participants, you facilitate the growth of the lighting industry, and LightFair.

9 – Desire to make a difference

The lighting community is motivated by a desire to make a positive impact. Be it in encouraging diversity, equity and inclusion across the board, advocating for just causes, contributing financially for people and causes in need or volunteering your time and knowledge, your passion for doing good shines through.

10 – Commitment to community building

The lighting community thrives because lighting professionals work together to create a supportive and inclusive environment for all members.

What does the LightFair community mean to you? Produced in collaboration with Your Lighting Brand

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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